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Taffy has a fairy god mother who with the flick of her wand can turn Taffy into any colour of the rainbow or even a mermaid (mermaids are a type of fairy after all). Taffy's Favourite colours are green and pink, she loves dancing and being a little silly and her favourite party food is marshmallows, fairy bread and pink lemonade. Yum! Taffy lives in a fairy tree with her pet cat "flopsy" who guards her tree when she is a mermaid and living in the coral caves at Titirangi beach with her pet frog ‘Lilly’.

Fairy Cindy loves flowers (especially daffodils), giggling and dancing. Her favourite colours are pink and purple and her favourite games to play are musical statues and hide and seek. But watch out! If she catches you in her magical wings she will make you her fairy friend forever




Taffy’s mermaid friends live in the coral caves of Titirangi beach. They look after the beach and all the fishys and visit little land lover friends on their bday. How can that be? As legend tells a spell was cast on all mermaids by a fairy queen, that gives mermaids the ability to have legs on land and a tail when touched by seawater. This is how they can visit her little friends on there most special day. Most mermaids on land will dress with a pretend tail attached (so they don’t miss their real one) but they ask that you don't have any ‘sea water’ at your house before the mermaid visits - or they might get scared away!

Mermaid Cindy loves blue and purple and wearing different colours in her hair. Her favourite thing to do is go searching for treasure.




When these lovely ladies can sneak away from their palace duties, there’s nothing they like better than joining in on bday fun and games. Taffy the Princess, Cinderella, Belle, Princess Cindy and Snow White love to sparkle and shine and make little girls dreams come true. Just don’t ask them to kiss any frogs and make sure they get home before midnight – we wouldn’t want anything turning into a pumpkin now would we!




Ahoy there me hearties! After many years of sailing the seven seas, this fantastic and friendly band of pirates decided it was time to settle down a bit! So instead of seeking treasure they stay on land and have fabulous adventures making the best kids parties you have ever seen. Pirate Taffy and Pirate Suzy love playing games, in fact they’re real experts….they got shipwrecked once and had to entertain themselves for a whole year! And as for Captain Stripes, he’s a bundle of laughs, just don’t ask him to walk the plank, he’s had to do that far too many times! He may ask if you’ve seen his parrot – don’t worry I’m sure it will turn up sometime.




Our crime fighting heroes are a busy bunch. (I mean there is always someone in need of rescue). But on their days off they love having fun with little kids and showing off their special superhero powers. Spidergirl and Supergirl can be at your place faster than a speeding bullet, so just give them call and you’ll see them real soon.



Christmas Characters

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year – especially when you can have some fun with Santa Claus, Snow Princess, Captain Candy Cane and our lovely Xmas Fairies. Watch out though, if you’ve got a nice Christmas cake, they may want to stay forever!




We have expert face painters and balloon twisters ready to share their talents. PLUS if you have an idea for a party theme that we haven’t listed, simply give us a call and we’ll let you know if we can get that sorted for you!



Other Characters

When it’s your bday, you should be able to have what you want right? So Taffy has got lots and lots of different friends she can call to come over to your place - Dora, Mini Mouse, Space Girl, Jungle Girl, Army Girl, Lumberjack, Clown Girl, Dinogirl and Startrek – they love a good kids party!